Credit Card Policy


AMEX:  Grace City Church utilizes American Express as its credit card company to make its day to day operational purchases.   It’s a corporate line of credit that allows our staff to have individualized personal work credit cards that are under the umbrella of the non-profit 501c3 religious organization – Grace City Church. 

Policy, Process, Procedure


Each Grace City full time employee will utilize their “Grace City Church American Express Corporate Card” for purchases, approved budgets, and operational expenses. 


  1. Full time employees will obtain a personalized employee AMEX card upon hiring (or the approval of your team lead)
  2. Full time employees will obtain a Tallie user ID and password to track transactions, upload receipts, and enter in ministry notes for each transaction.
  3. Your card will be managed by the Stewardship Team (and your team lead). 


  1. You will inquire with your team lead about your permissions, needs, and monthly spending.
  2. You are REQUIRED to take a picture and upload your receipts with in the Tallie App.
  3. You are REQUIRED to select the appropriate account and class.   
  4. You are REQUIRED to put in the note section – what you purchased and the reasoning of what you purchased.
  5. You are REQUIRED to put the names of individuals in the notes section if you are to purchase any coffee or food.
  6. You are REQUIRED to submit your monthly report before each month’s deadline

Additional Notes

Grace City Church has the option to remove your corporate credit card and/or the possibility of losing employment at Grace City if:

  1. You fail to follow the above policy, process, and procedures. 
  2. You make unauthorized transactions.
  3. You use your card for personal items
  4. You purchase alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products
  5. You are unethical about your transactions