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Launching September 16, 2024!

Our mission at Celebrate Recovery is to walk alongside people as they find healing from their hurts, habits, and hangups​, and as they ​walk into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Chris​t​.

Interest Meeting: July 28th at 2 PM
Workshop: August 31st, 9 AM – 12 PM

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Our weekly Celebrate Recovery service is a ministry for adults (18+) from all walks of life. Our service offers engaging worship and biblical-based teaching relevant to your circumstances.

It is a safe place to overcome your hurts, habits, and hang-ups and find freedom in Jesus Christ. It is our goal to allow you to share your burdens without interruption or advice and allow healing to begin. A person can use God’s Word to overcome life’s hindering issues. Recovery takes time. It reaches and transforms the very roots of our being.


Celebrate Recovery occurs every Monday night from 7 to 9 p.m. and includes fellowship, worship, small groups, and quarterly step-study groups.

What Do You Need Freedom From?

The Celebrate Recovery program incorporates fellowship, worship, sharing, accountability and step-study groups to help you allow yourself to be healed by God’s transforming power.

Life can be hard, but you are NOT alone! Here are just some of the hurts & habits we address at CR.


Anxiety Disorders

Compulsive Sexual Behaviors / Sexual Addiction / Pornography

Physical / Sexual / Emotional Abuse

Anger / Bitterness

Eating Disorders

Alcoholism / Adult Child of Alcoholic / Minor Child of Alcoholic

Drug Abuse: Illegal, Prescription, and Over-the-Counter

Meet the Celebrate Recovery Team

Diana Guevara

Celebrate Recovery Director

Diana Guevara is currently getting her Masters in Professional Counseling and will be working towards her Licence in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC). She has a passion and calling to help individuals take their next step in the spiritual formation process, as well as helping individuals through their post-traumatic healing.

Diana is currently engaged to Andrew Roberts and has been attending Grace City Church since April 2018. She completed two years of GCLI and graduated with her bachelors in Human Services in 2023. She currently serves as the Spiritual Formation Director at Grace City Church on the Discipleship Team.

Andy Bosko

Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader

Andy Bosko has been sober from tobacco, drugs and alcohol since March 2014. He is a father of two boys, a husband and man who has had many struggles before his recovery. After going through years of alcohol abuse and potentially losing his family, he has had a desire to live to his full potential. Through those struggles he has found recovery and victory through A.A. and C.R. groups locally.

Andy and his family have been members of Grace City church since January 2017, and are very active in the Lakeland community. He has been a leader in Grace City Groups since 2021 and has dedicated himself to helping others find freedom and form a stronger relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.