City Groups

Freedom is Found in Community

Groups are designed to create an environment where people are encouraged and inspired to draw closer to God and to connect with others in meaningful and life-giving relationships.


City Groups Begin – 8-week season
City Groups End
Fall City Group Leader Celebration
Dinner @ The Joinery 6:30-7:30 PM
*Children welcome*

City Group Categories

Groups focused on caring for people in our city and church community.

Groups focused on developing gifts within the creative arts.

Spanish-speaking City Groups.

Groups focused on creating a space for children K-5th grade to grow in community.

Groups focused on creating a space for kids in 6th-12th grade to grow in community.

Groups designed to strengthen and encourage healthy marriages and families


Groups for men to gather and grow in their relationship with God.

Groups designed for young adults ages 18–30.

Groups who gather to serve our local community.

Groups for ladies to gather and grow in relationship.

Groups centered around common interests.

Steps to become a City Group Leader

Attend Growth Track
Join a City Group

Submit A Leader Application
Meet with a Discipleship Staff Member